KizaiaCare Before Detangling Vitamin Repair Dry Hair Leave-In Hair Conditioner & Wash Out Keratin Oil Spray

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KizaiaCare Before Detangling or Wash Day Leave -in Vitamin Repair Dry Hair Leave-In a Night & Wash Out Keratin Oil Spray Hair Conditioner

Ingredients: Keratin oil extract, hydrolyzed protein, soybean extract, chamomile extract, aloe extract, rosemary leaf extract

Efficacy: Smooth and moist, repair dryness, improve hair brightness, heat protection, easy to comb, and easy to take care of solving your hair issues: hair drying out resulting to knotted, tangling, rough frizzy, dye ironing damage, color fade, broken hair.



1) Apply the

KizaiaCare Before Detangling or Wash Day Leave -in Vitamin Repair, Dry Hair Leave-In & Wash Out Keratin Oil Spray Hair Conditioner at night before your hair detangling or washing day.
If you are detangling just proceed to apply your detangling product and start detangling without wash out the KizaiaCare Before Detangling or Wash Day Leave -in Vitamin Repair, Dry Hair Leave-In & Wash Out Keratin Oil Spray Hair Conditioner

Moreover  if its just your  wash day then you proceed to wash out the product with a deep shampoo to clean all the scalp dirty to leave your hair clean and healthy scalp then  blot the moisture on your hair with a towel.

2) Then apply the proper amount of our product KizaiaCare Diamond Edge Leave-In Marula Oil Volume Nourish Spray hair leave-in conditioner on the hair and wait for the hair to be absorbed. It is applicable anytime and anywhere without rinsing

3) Use it before styling with a hair dryer to protect the hair from high-temperature damage

Main Ingredients: Marula oil essence, Jojoba oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin E


Leave-In Hair Conditioner


Product features:

Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Squalene, gallic acid, and catechin acid were obtained from the seeds of Marula 

Squalene: Help to keep the scalp healthy, Effectively protect hair.

Gallic acid: Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, soothing, and calming scalp.

Procyanidins: Super antioxidant power, 50 times more than vitamin E, is vitamin C

20 times, can delay aging.

Vitamin C & E: vitamins promote collagen synthesis, Enhance hair elasticity.

Catechistic acid: Catechins are natural lipid antioxidants that have even more antioxidant activity than vitamin E, and can effectively protect the hair cell membrane

In the 1970s, scientists uncover the mystery of Marula Oil by researching its component, and comparing it with the same type of  oils: